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President Cheney officially takes the reigns Saturday

July 21, 2007

So if you were hoping for some dry, in-depth political analysis of Darth Cheney officially seizing power today through the use of some phony-bologna colonoscopy on Curious George you can forget it (that didn’t sound right, although the “evil-doers” are probably just upgrading the mind control chip in his head – maybe now he’ll start saying “nuCLEAR” correctly). The only thing I’m wondering is what is going to come first: Scooter’s full pardon, the handing over of our environmental policy to the energy industry (coal powered power plants for everyone!), the invasion of Iran, replacing the Pentagon and the GAO with Halliburton, or him gunning down every Democrat he can find (followed by a full pardon). It’s your time to shine baby!! Oh, and bring back Enron!