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Bush says goodbye to Gonzales with all the sincerity one could possibly muster reading word for word.

August 28, 2007

I am absolutely astonished by what journalists have been saying about Bush’s speech yesterday commenting on Gonzales’ leaving. Practically everyone I heard characterized his speech as being punctuated with anger. Really? Was I watching and listening to the same speech they were? All I saw was the same, “Do I have to?” or “Can’t Cheney get someone to do this for me?” look that he has had for just about every speech that he has ever given. What I found most astonishing was that it was sooo painfully obvious that 1) He didn’t write the speech, 2) He in no way prepared for the speech, and 3) He was so completely disengaged that when he got to the line where he said that Gonzales’ good name was dragged through the mud, he actually had to stop when he got to the “through the”, turn to the next page, and REEEEAD the word “mud”! AAAAAAA!!!!! I think I feel blood running out of my ears. Am I the only one who saw that? Anyone? Anyone? Please! Someone say they saw it too! You should be able to find a video of his speech at I just can’t be the only one to have seen that.


Bush countdown clock! (get one for your blog)

August 27, 2007

Arrrrrrgh! Crap on a stick. Due to the limitations of the free blog (I suspect), WP keeps stripping out the code needed to show the clock. Well, this was certainly anticlimactic. Maybe I should migrate over to blogbspot (I know it works with them). Its still cool though, so clearly you need to go here.

Father Brown stops by to knock some sense into Junior. Will it stick?

July 31, 2007

So Gordon Brown decided to drop by and pay a little visit to Junior Monday. Obviously, we don’t know exactly what was said. But, I’m pretty sure that once you boil down all of the pomp and circumstance it was basically, “What the hell are you doing?” with sprinkles of, “Why have you dragged England into this?” I do have to hand it to el Gordo, however. While Blair struck me as that parent who so desperately wanted to be the “cool one” and so let his kid get away with murder, Gordie seems to be more of the disciplinarian who will pull the reigns taught when needed. Perhaps, in the end, Gordon might have a greater positive impact on US foreign policy than on England’s. One can only hope.