About the hopper

So.  What to say, what to say.  Well, I’m a grasshopper.  My turn-ons are long walks on branches, new foliage (mmm), and ladybugs (There’s just somethin’ ’bout that red with black polka-dotted shell that really gets me hoppin’!).  My turn-offs are lawn mowers, birds, and lightning bugs (Ya I said lightning bugs.  How would you like it if some moron landed beside you while you were sleeping and flashed a light in your eyes?  Especially when you don’t have any eye lids?)  I also like modo 203 (can’t wait for 301), Maya 8.5, and ZBrush 3.  And someday, I might actually learn how to use them.  Although, again, being a grasshopper, it is a little tough working the mouse.  Oh ya, I’m also quite a shutter-bug (pardon the pun) since I got a digital camera a while back (Fuji FinPix F10, best compact digital ever!).  So don’t be too surprised if I inflict some of my handy work on you.  Actually, the grasshopper pic at the top is mine, the quality is scaled down a bit so it doesn’t take forever to load.

Blogging?  This whole thing is really just a test.  Blogging has peeked my interest, but I don’t know if I have the stick-with-itness to, well, stick with it.  So we shall see.  I’m not sure what my voice will be yet.  I do like to whine about politics (the loyal Bushies especially).  But don’t throw me into the Liberal Democrat camp, I am staunchly independent.  If it represents the greatest good for the greatest number of people, I’m for it.  I like to rail against corporate greed.  I’m also an amateur technophile (big surprise, I am working on a blog after all).  Oh, and let’s not forget the stockmarket (ain’t nothin’ wrong with capitalism).  And I know, I know.  I too have read the articles that say if you have any interest in blogging, get your own domain.  But, eh, I’ll worry about that later.

– the hopper

dancing-banana.gif<– you’ll be seeing a lot of him around here


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