Someone needs to thaw out the Republican Party (or at least Rudy Giuliani)

So I was watching the debates yesterday and all I can say is, holy cow. Someone needs to thaw out the Republican Party, or at least Rudy Giuliani. I think they believe that it’s the 80’s and the US is still facing off with the USSR. So Giuliani believes that we need to grow our military (which was already costing us around $300B before Iraq) to a 300 ship Navy, 200k Marines, and (I think) around 500k regular Army? What war is the Republican Party planning for? The reality is that our current forces are just fine. Yes they are strained under the current conditions, but (I’m sure much to the angst of the warmongers) at some point, this little venture will come to an end. What enemy is so grand that we need such a military? If I’m not mistaken, Russia is second in military spending at (again, I think) $30B. Before Iraq (by the way, pronounced “ear-rock”, not “eye-rack” [just a pet peeve of mine]) we were spending around 10x the number 2 nation and these guys want to spend more? We already carry a big stick, the biggest stick on the planet in fact and they want more toys? Yaaa, hold on, I’ll get my wallet. This gun-slinger diplomacy really irks me. Time and time again, it has been shown that engaging, trade, building wells, schools, hospitals, blah, blah, blah has been far more effective at making friends than pointing a gun at people. I remember during Bush’s reelection that one of the things “those people” kept saying was that the Democrats “just don’t get it”. How almost prophetic.



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