Woo-Whoo! It snowed! (well, a little bit anyway)

So it finally got around to snowing, woo-whoo! I want to say that it helped with the humidity because my poor, dry stuffed-up nose doesn’t feel quite so painful, but eh, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I’m not sure how the woodland critters feel about it though (actually, I think the footie prints in the picture below are of the stray cat who comes around panhandling for grub). And of course, it warmed up today just enough for a little melting today only for it to freeze into a nice sheet of ice for tomorrow’s drive. This should be fun.


f50 fujifilm finepix compact digital camera


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2 Responses to “Woo-Whoo! It snowed! (well, a little bit anyway)”

  1. xanderalx Says:

    We blogged about the exact same thing.

    I love the snow.

  2. deadgrasshopper Says:

    Well, you know what they say. Great minds think alike! I love snow too. Unfortunately, we only got (despite what the picture may look like) barely an inch. Ho-hum.

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