Holy mackerel, what a lousy day.

Yes, holy mackerel indeed. Today was one of those obnoxiously cold days. The one where the wind blows so hard and is so cold that it feels like your face is being sandblasted? And yet, the air is so incredibly dry that there is no possible chance for snow. If it is going to be this torturesly cold, the least it could do is snow. If that weren’t bad enough, the air is sooo unbelievably dry that from my nose to the back of my throat, nothin’ but sandpaper. And not just any kind of dry, the kind of dry that is so bad that every breath feels like a paper-cut inside of my nose. I actually find myself holding my breath for as long as I can when I’m outside just to avoid the pain. Hmm, live or pain. And of course, my body thinks it’s doing me a favor by overreacting to the whole thing by completely closing off one side of my nose, which of course only makes the pain on the other side that much worse. I’m currently hopped-up on benedryl to try to take the worst of the edge off, but the only thing that seems to be doing is giving me that discombobulated feeling. You know, the one where you stop walking, but it feels like your still moving? That and the feeling that I could topple over at any minute asleep. And if you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense. Shouldn’t a runny nose keep it from drying out? And don’t even get me started on my corneas. By the time this hell is over with, they will have been filed down to the width of an onion skin. The only light at the end of this tunnel is that a system is suppose to move through later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully this will drive up the humidity. This is one grasshopper who is not happy.



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