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Tunguska all over again

December 20, 2007

Right next to were I live is a somewhat densely wooded area and just beyond that is a prairie-like clearing. Thick brush, raspberry and blackberry bushes, and honeydew draping off of everything. The place is truly unworldly. Especially when you can get there early in the morning to watch the mist ebb and flow. Some of my best pictures came from that area. Well, awhile ago it pretty much all came to an end. In an effort to control the undergrowth, a lumber company was hired to clear it all out. I assume that part of the deal was that they got to take the trees as well. An absolute massacre. Almost all of the old-growth trees were removed and, from the looks of it, any of the younger trees that were in their way were just mowed down with a bulldozer. It was like standing at the battle of Gettysburg or Omaha beach during D-day. The bodies of the dead and wounded were strewn about everywhere. There is actually a slope down to the prairie so you didn’t get the full scope of it all until you reach the crest. Even the most anti-environment Rush Limbauh Dick Cheney love child would be taken back at the contrast, from Lord of the Rings to the face of the moon. I’m all for proper forest management, but this is just terrible. Unfortunately, the dimension constraints of this here blog really doesn’t allow a good show of it all. But here are a few pics. The before shots can be seen in my early hop through the prairie post. Again remember, I am a grasshopper.






All right you, leave a comment or the duck gets it.

December 14, 2007


Pretty funny I thought. I stumbled across this pic when I somehow ended up on the main page of photobucket. Although if you look at the lettering, you can tell that whoever changed the top line. Highly amusing.

But seriously, leave a comment or the duck is getting whacked!

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Bush, World War III, but who’s invited?

December 8, 2007

I’m sure this has been talked to death already, but does anyone know who exactly is suppose to show up to this World War III party Bush was talking about? According to the Evangelical whack-jobs out there, I believe their version of this scenario is that Iran shoots a nuke at Israel, they (and we) respond in kind, and then for some reason Russia gets involved? If I’m not mistaken, aren’t these the exact same religious zealots who were saying that China was suppose to be the prophesied great evil not too long ago? And I think at least one of them was proclaiming that the year 2000 was suppose to mark the start of the second coming (or something to that effect)? I think he was even peddling a book about it. Jack van something I think. Anywho, why is Russia going to bother? I mean yes, they do have a few billion tied up with Iran and it is currently to their advantage to cozy up to them so Putan can stick it in the eye to Bush, but is that really enough to draw Russia in? I think not. 1) They have vast natural resource reserves of their own (and if we and Israel laid waste to Iran, won’t the oil reserves in Russia become even more valuable?), 2) Their financial dealings with the European Union are far and away more lucrative and stable over the long term, and 3) They are an emerging (or reemerging) power on the world stage. Why on Earth would they want to screw it up with a war over Iran (who by the way would be the guilty one here since they would have started this scenario by attacking Israel)? If this scenario did happen, Russia would have to make a choice. Go with the bad guys (an image they are trying to shake) or go with the rest of the world an enjoy their new found economic and political power? The choice is obvious for me, it is unfortunate that the Evangelical Legion of Doom seems to think to the contrary. Has Bush or anyone in his administration ever spelled out this scenario? I’ve been paying attention and I don’t think so. Maybe I’m wrong. As far as I can tell, Bush seems to think that Amadinajad is suppose to just wake up one morning and decide to attack Israel. Does anyone realize that he does not have the power to make such a decision? Although I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Kaptain Koo-Koo wouldn’t know that. And doesn’t the latest NIE that is all the buzz these days demonstrate that more rational minds are in control behind the curtains in Iran? They had a weapons program, then after careful consideration, decided that it wasn’t in their best interest to continue pursuing it. Now I’m not saying that we should leave Iran to their own devices or embrace them as life long chums, but I think this rhetoric is a bit over the top. Aaaa, what do I know. I’m just a grasshopper.

Woo-Whoo! It snowed! (well, a little bit anyway)

December 7, 2007

So it finally got around to snowing, woo-whoo! I want to say that it helped with the humidity because my poor, dry stuffed-up nose doesn’t feel quite so painful, but eh, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I’m not sure how the woodland critters feel about it though (actually, I think the footie prints in the picture below are of the stray cat who comes around panhandling for grub). And of course, it warmed up today just enough for a little melting today only for it to freeze into a nice sheet of ice for tomorrow’s drive. This should be fun.


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Holy mackerel, what a lousy day.

December 5, 2007

Yes, holy mackerel indeed. Today was one of those obnoxiously cold days. The one where the wind blows so hard and is so cold that it feels like your face is being sandblasted? And yet, the air is so incredibly dry that there is no possible chance for snow. If it is going to be this torturesly cold, the least it could do is snow. If that weren’t bad enough, the air is sooo unbelievably dry that from my nose to the back of my throat, nothin’ but sandpaper. And not just any kind of dry, the kind of dry that is so bad that every breath feels like a paper-cut inside of my nose. I actually find myself holding my breath for as long as I can when I’m outside just to avoid the pain. Hmm, live or pain. And of course, my body thinks it’s doing me a favor by overreacting to the whole thing by completely closing off one side of my nose, which of course only makes the pain on the other side that much worse. I’m currently hopped-up on benedryl to try to take the worst of the edge off, but the only thing that seems to be doing is giving me that discombobulated feeling. You know, the one where you stop walking, but it feels like your still moving? That and the feeling that I could topple over at any minute asleep. And if you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense. Shouldn’t a runny nose keep it from drying out? And don’t even get me started on my corneas. By the time this hell is over with, they will have been filed down to the width of an onion skin. The only light at the end of this tunnel is that a system is suppose to move through later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully this will drive up the humidity. This is one grasshopper who is not happy.

Cimicomorpha. So that’s what you’re called.

December 1, 2007

Back in July I wrote two little blurbs about me hopping around (again, I’m a grasshopper) and running (or hopping) into a rather suspicious looking bug who recently moved into the neighborhood. We exchanged pleasantries, but never really made a connection. I had a feeling I should keep my distance and it turns out it was with good reason. Looks like this mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging troglodyte of an insect is a member of a large family of predatory insects. Bugs such the: assassin bug, ambush bug, masked hunter, and kissing bug. They lay in wait, then attack by stabbing their victims with their proboscis injecting a toxic concoction that liquefies the inerts. Tasty. There are also members that go after warm-blooded animals (including humans) by stabbing soft areas of the body such as lips, eyes, and inside nose. Sleep tight. Oh, and some transmit disease such as Chagas by passing along a lovely little trypanosome. A little late to learn of this now, but the good thing is that about a week after my last post, I found the little bugger dead in the bushes. Didn’t have my trusty camera at the time. First post is here, there-goes-the-neighborhood and the second is here, hey-punk-get-off-my-lawn.


-the hopper dancing-banana.gif

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