I spent $270k on a woolly mammoth coffee table! What else would I spend it on?

So I actually saw this story on the BBC two days ago and thought it was interesting. But then, the NBC nightly news decided to steal my idea and talk about it first. I mean, yes, ultimately we are both stealing the story, but, hey, 1) I’m a small fry and 2) at least I’m not claiming authorship, so there.

Wow, talk about being a few years behind. Seems the nouveau riche in Russia are going through the pangs of excess that the obscenely wealthy in the US went through in the ‘80s. Recently, the “Millionaire Fair” was held in Moscow. Among the diamond-encrusted Mercedes, helicopters, and luxury properties, stood my future prize possession, the Siberian woolly mammoth coffee table. Not particularly impressive for $270 thousand clams, but just think of the status symbol aspect. Hmm, status symbol.



But, seeing as how all my other furniture is made of baby whale’s teeth, it wouldn’t really go with the décor. So, I decided to pass. Oh, and if you wanted to read the story you’ll find it here.




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