Well, I’m back. No, no, please… hold your applause.

Yes, after a brief period of laziness, I’m back to the blather. I got distracted with other interesting things and thus refrained from polluting this here intraweb with more of my pointless drivel. But no more! I’m back. So much to whine/talk about.

Actually, one of those interests is more of a reemerging interest. I like web technologies. I like playing around with web sites. And more recently, I’ve become interested in attracting those fickle little web arachnids. Or as you might know them, search engine spiders (or bots). Seems pretty cool. So cool in fact that I’m running a little experiment. I want to see if I can get a decent ranking in Google for a few terms (or keywords). Rather than further dilute this aimless blog, I decided to start up another one over on blogspot (deadgrasshopper.blogspot.com). That’s were I will document my adventures in being an SEO monger, and scrape my own content to try to entice those web varmints to come by and sniff around. So if you should be looking around this blog and see a completely unrelated link (called a non-contextual link), oh, I don’t know, say, at the bottom of one of my articles, that will be one of hopefully many feeble attempts on my part to lay some spider bait. Here spidey, spidey, spidey…

(psst) Don’t look now, but I think there is one right below us.

finepix f50fd


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