Gotta hankering to rob a bank? Then you need to go to…

Hessmer Louisiana. This tinny town of ~650 people has two police cars. Well, they used to anyway. Actually, I guess technically they still do. Problem is that neither of them works. One was in a wreck and the other must be union because it just upped and stopped working last Sunday. And due to some crazy law, the police can’t answer calls in personal vehicles. Looks like Christmas has come early to all the scofflaws out there. Apparently there is more to the story than just a funny little blurb. Turns out that the city got $100,000 from insurance to either repair or replace the first cruiser and have been sitting on the money for around two months or so. In an effort to coax the city government to get off their duffs, Hessmer’s police chief, Mack Villemarette, put a large sign outside of the station saying, “Village of Hessmer: the only police car is broken. If you need assistance contact the mayor and council.” Even more amusing when you consider that neither knew he was going to do it. Has anyone seen my robbin’ mask?


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