I’m #1! I’m #1! Did… did I mention that I’m #1?

Well I am… Oh, I suppose you might be wondering #1 at what? As it turns out, I have managed to do in just a few days what most search engine optimizers (SEO, but actually the “O” really stands for optimization) have never done or will ever do. I’m number one on Google. I’m also number one on dogpile and metasearch.com (although I’m pretty sure they are really the same thing). Go ahead, give it a try. I dare you. No, I double-dog dare ya. Go to Google and type, “deadgrasshopper”. For some reason Yahoo hasn’t indexed me yet, or I didn’t look deep enough in the results. Or, maybe Yahoo only indexes the relevant stuff.

-the hopper dancing-banana.gif


12 Responses to “I’m #1! I’m #1! Did… did I mention that I’m #1?”

  1. referenceur Says:

    Congratulations !

    To let you very happy, I will not try to take your Rank !!!

  2. deadgrasshopper Says:

    Hellooo! Thanks. I just want to take this time to thank all the little people who made this possible… Ah, who am I kidding? It’s all me. me, me, me, me, me. I took a look at your blog to throw you a few page views (admit it, we all like to see that little ticker go up), and woe, French? I’m a little rusty with that one, more like 14 years rusty. I propose a treaty, you let me have deadgrasshopper and I’ll let you have referenceur. I checked with the UN and they said they were ok with it.

  3. referenceur Says:

    The UN !!!
    You are very funny !

    If that’s the UN so Ok I will do nothing !

  4. deadgrasshopper Says:

    Well I try

  5. YamYam Says:

    Very nice Article. I took this site into my bookmark 😉 greets yamyam

  6. deadgrasshopper Says:

    Hey Yam! So would that be your first name or last? Hello, my name is Yam, Yam Yam. So how do you take your martinis? Just kidding. Wow, I’ve been bookmarked? Now I guess I really do have to keep up with this. digital-tv-deutschland? So is that your site or just your ISP? You have people searching for bunnies and hewlett packard? That’s quite a diverse audience you dun gots thar. Well, I’ll try to continue making this site worthy of your mark. Later Yammer!

  7. Bob Nordfish Says:

    cool !
    i can say this
    keep going buddy

  8. deadgrasshopper Says:

    Hey Bob. Thanks. Sorry ’bout the delay in responding. I’ve been pretty bogged down with real world stuff. How on Earth did you find my site? Can I assume it was through the Glaxo article? I still rule the “deadgrasshopper” search term on google. I currently have the first 106 of 109 results. 107 and 108 are for some drink. What I find most surprising is that some service scrapped one of my articles, the GSK one, and translated it into German and maybe Portuguese? Ah, the world we live in.

  9. Chris Says:

    It is a good feeling, isn’t it? Your next challange is to get optimized for something with some real traffic. Here’s a list of suggestions with potential traffic numbers:

    grasshopper 7132
    ant grasshopper 834
    grasshopper lawn mower 807
    grasshopper shoes 749
    grasshopper mowers 634
    grasshopper mower 595
    ate grasshopper 344
    drink grasshopper 324
    grasshopper picture 298
    grasshopper lawn mowers 259
    cycle grasshopper life 242
    air grasshopper plane 240
    grasshopper pie 223
    grasshopper pie recipe 173
    anatomy grasshopper 161
    grasshopper trap 158
    grasshopper recipe 140
    grasshopper sparrow 139
    grasshopper insect 128
    grasshopper green 123
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    brand grasshopper shoes 95
    drink grasshopper recipe 91
    cream drink grasshopper ice 89
    grasshopper mouse 86
    ant grasshopper story 82
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    fu grasshopper kung 76
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    grasshopper mower price 48
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    grasshopper horned short 46
    cheesecake grasshopper 45
    grasshopper plague 45
    dissection grasshopper 43
    food grasshopper 40
    grasshopper lawn mower part 40
    grasshopper mowers used 40
    grasshopper shoes.com 40
    grasshopper pin 39
    club grasshopper houston 38
    grasshopper wings 38
    car control grasshopper remote 37
    cream grasshopper ice recipe 37
    car grasshopper rc 36
    cookie grasshopper 36
    grasshopper lawn 36

    I took some junk off this list, and I did do a search for “grasshopper dead”, but there were no results…

  10. deadgrasshopper Says:

    Hey Chris. Eh, I’m not that concerned with driving traffic to this site. This was just an experiment to see if I could keep up with it. When I want to get serious, I’ll either move over to blogspot (their free version allows javascript (and thus ads) and I can piggyback on their page rank) or just get my own domain.

    Thanks for the info, but I already know about goodkeywords.com. Google has the same thing here. Goodkeywords requires you to install a program. I’m very leery of SEO tools like that especially when Google and Yahoo (Overture) has free web-based tools.

    Actually I used google’s tool and goodkeywords.com is coming up waaay short. For example, “grasshopper mower” was searched 193,000 times last month according to google. From what you listed above, goodkeywords is only listing 595? Was that average or last month?

    Anyway, thanks for the suggests. Another comment!!

  11. marty Says:

    Okay, i actually found you by searching for something you probably did not suspect people would search for. I searched for “I’m number one on google” And I found what I was hoping to find–if anyone understood SEO so foolishly as to think the rank of being number 1 was important without realizing at all that there is some importance to being number 1 in someone people search for when you want them to find you. Is any of this getting through to you? It’s extraordinarily simple to be number one for any arbitrary phrase.

  12. deadgrasshopper Says:

    MARTY!! Been tied up with real life stuff so I haven’t been paying attention to this blog like I should be doing. So are you trying to rain on my parade? Perhaps some context is needed. I made this post quite a while ago and it was more of an interesting observation. Kind of a blogger newbie “holy cow! My stuff is actually showing up in search engines!”. If you look around this here site you’ll see that it doesn’t have much direction to it (although I keep telling myself that one day it will) and as a result, I’ve written on all sorts of topics. So of course I’m going to rank for odd ball things. If I did a series of postings on “a;lajein” I bet I would rank number one for that. I could care less what terms people are using to find this blog. Do you have any idea how many people have found this blog by searching for “grasshopper mowers”? Or the terms “Chris Hansen” and “dead”? I actually wrote a post commenting on that last one. Now my little SEO experiment, that is a different story altogether. There I *am* trying to rank for specific terms and phrases and I’m having a fair amount of luck at it (problem now is getting that rank much higher). I’m not as naive as you may think. Though in the biz of going after the low hanging fruit I guess that could be an advantage. 🙂 But as I eluded to, this posting wasn’t meant to be that of an exalted SEO prophet spouting words of wisdom from my gilded throne. Now fetch me some more ale! Thanks for the comment though.

    grasshopper… away!

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