Die Beetle! Die!

Now if I may get serious for a moment. I think that there is one aspect of immigration reform that we can all get behind and that is the complete removal of all Japanese Beetles from our hallowed soil. Oh sure, I’ve heard the arguments against it like, “The Japanese Beetle eats the foliage that us Americans don’t want.” and “Without these beetles the pesticide industry would suffer undo financial hardship.”. I say all that is nothing more than right-wing, neo-conservative, tax and spend liberal propaganda, oh, and complete rubbish too. Their very presence in our country takes food out of the mouths of hard working American grasshoppers like me. And their willingness to work for grass clippings makes it hard for honest American insects to afford the healthcare the so desperately need, especially since the presence of these NAFTA refugees has caused pesticide companies to use blends that cause cancer and other long term health consequences that we don’t even know of yet. So where you may see some cutesy little beetle, munching on a leaf, minding his own business, I see a menace to society and that is why I say, “Die Beetle! Die!”.




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