There goes the neighborhood

So somebody new moved in to the neighborhood recently. I have no idea who (or what) he is. We’ve nodded to each other, exchanged pleasantries now and again, but I think I’ll keep him at antenna’s length. I don’t know what his diet is and I’m not looking forward to finding out, thank you very much. Actually, his backside looks a lot like the blackberries which are quite plentiful around here and if he’s not careful, a bird just might make him part of his diet. I’ll tell you one thing though, he definitely doesn’t look happy.





One Response to “There goes the neighborhood”

  1. Cimicomorpha. So that’s what you’re called. « dead grasshopper Says:

    […] bugger dead in the bushes. Didn’t have my trusty camera at the time. First post is here, there-goes-the-neighborhood and the second is here, […]

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